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@Anonymous Claims Responsibility For #Cyberattack on Japan


According to the authorities, access to various web pages of Japan justice ministry have been sporadically blocked since Monday night as a result of an alleged cyberattack by the international hacker collective Anonymous in opposition to the nation’s refugee policy.

Several websites were difficult to access last night. Despite a brief recovery, there have been issues since this morning’s early hours, a ministry spokesperson informed EFE.

He stated that the authorities are looking into the issue and taking the necessary action to mitigate the incident.

The outage, which also affected the justice ministry’s home page, started around 8 p.m. on Monday and persisted until 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday. Several Japanese individuals vented their frustrations on Twitter during this time.

According to a Twitter account, the hacktivist, Anonymous, claimed responsibility for the attack.

Japan is Allegedly Mistreating Asylum Seekers

In the accompanying tweet, the group claimed that Japan deports political asylum seekers. They also condemned the cruel conduct and charged the Japanese administration with keeping the refugees safe.

They claimed that the Japanese government is racist. Anonymous reiterated its commitment to assisting refugees in the fight against racist views from other citizens. In conclusion, they stated that they will continue the attack on the Japanese, targeting its Government.

However, Japan finally made its standards for recognizing refugees public on March 24 in response to criticism of its lack of transparency on the topic.

After recognizing individuals as refugees in Japan, they often receive a five-year residence permit with the option to eventually apply for permanent residency if they meet certain standards.

The Asian nation typically accepts little more than 4% of applications per year as refugees.

Other Hacktivists Target Israel

On May 2, the hacker group Anonymous Sudan said it infiltrated Israeli missile warning systems, including the Iron Dome, in the middle of a barrage of rockets fired from the Gaza Strip. In the event that the opposition launches more rockets, the group promised a similar action.

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