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Anonymous Sudan Seamless Attacks Mocks Kenya’s ‘Weak Cyber Infrastructure’

Anonymous Sudan is on a rampage in Kenya’s home ground. The threat actors acted without reserve as they seamlessly attacked many of Kenya’s critical cyber infrastructures.

Notably, President William Ruto urged Sudan’s rival parties to enable access to humanitarian aid and cooperate with a mission from fighting in the country, the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development.

In what seems to be a hush statement from the hackers to Kenya’s president in mediating the ongoing pressing war. The group didn’t take the rival’s support lying down, its answer was rains of cyberattacks.

Shortly after a series of attacks, Anonymous Sudan mocked Kenya for its weak cyberinfrastructure and claimed it was without any guarding securities measures, and deemed the attacks ‘Boring’.

On the threat actor’s dark webpage, Cybertechwiz finds a warning message from Kenya’s president to ‘crush and attack if dared’.

However, the group gloatingly took the daring message as a joke, in its own words ‘easiest country to attack ever’. We expect more attacks in the coming days on Kenya’s critical infrastructure.

Moreover, the threat actors may again display its prowess and seamlessness if given the chance to breach any unprotected or vulnerable infrastructures.

Anonymous Sudan Dominantly Attacks Top American Websites, CNN, Only Fans And Microsoft

Anonymous Sudan joined forces with other top hacking organizations to attack top Western websites in a huge DDoS attack, leaving the business world stunned.

Shortly after the attack, they posted on its dark webpage the success of its attack on CNN, Only Fans, and Microsoft. Arguably, these are some of the top ten (10) website choices of Westerners.

A 30-second stunning test attack on the CNN website restricted the world’s audience from accessing the website for news updates and other business-related news on its forum.

Although it appears to be a short attack, the revealed screenshot displayed the attacking capacity of Anonymous Sudan on a large scale.

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