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Anonymous Sudan Strike American Firms ‘Wells Fargo’ With DDoS Attack


On Thursday, the American bank Wells Fargo faced a disabling DDoS attack that disrupted its internal system operations and crippled its official website for a period of time.

Wells Fargo Must Die

Shortly after, Anonymous Sudan claimed credit for the attack on its official telegram page and disclosed its disruptive desire to kill the American company system.

In recent months, Anonymous Sudan has reportedly attacked top firms in the US, and ESPN is one of its recent victims. The cable television sports-broadcasting network is based in Bristol, Conn, and is one of the largest cable networks in the United States.

Wells Fargo & Company is an American multinational financial services company with a laudable global presence. The firm operates in 35 countries and manages over 70 million customers worldwide.

Additionally, Wells Fargo is considered a systemically essential financial institution and is known as one of the “Big Four Banks” in the United States.

Notably, The Bank announced on its news page stating, online banking is temporarily unavailable. Cybertechwiz confirmed the attack period to last for about 5 hours with no access to Wells Fargo online banking.

Super-Metro Provider Destabilized

In a joint force with Anonymous Sudan, Killnet revealed their reason for the attack on the super-metro station and metro transport provider RATP. The hackers say it was a form of protest and support for the coup d’etat in the Niger Republic.

Previously, Anonymous Sudan reportedly threatened a bigger attack on the French government. It promised to devastate the country and destabilize its core infrastructure.

Over 600 French Government Websites Crippled

Anonymous Sudan announced its involvement in an attack on more than 600 French government websites. Additionally, the attack included other financial and tax payouts and pay-in systems used by the French populace.

The threat actors announced on their telegram page that the attack was only a sniff of what was to come, It asserted this jaw-dropping attack was a preparatory attack with something big to come soon.