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Anonymous Sudan Threatens To KIll French Citizens


Anonymous Sudan, the self-claimed helper of the poor, has proclaimed its desire to target French citizens, the nation, and Its vital infrastructures in defense of the coup d’état group in Niger.

On its telegram page, the threat actors threatened to attack French hospitals if they chose to attack the Niger Republic. They referenced their attacks on Kenya’s digital infrastructure as a vivid example.

We Will Kill French Citizens

In the threat actors’ words they said that since France is killing people in Niger, they will target hospitals to make your patients die.

This chilling threat comes mere hours after the initial support for the coup in the West African nation. However, in their previous threats, the group said they would go after the French if they invaded. The latest one hints at the desire of hackers to cause mayhem even without the trigger.

Notably, Niger Republic is one of the poorest countries in the world for several reported reasons. Some non-desert areas of the country undergo recurrent drought and desertification. Additionally, the country’s economy is focused on subsistence agriculture. Some citizens export agriculture in the less arid south, and export raw materials, including uranium ore.

As reported in a statement, the French government is searching for ways and means to intervene in the country’s military. France held a meeting with the chief of staff of the Nigerian national guard to obtain political and military authorization.

Anonymous Sudan’s Most Recent Exploit

Anonymous Sudan rapidly invades Kenya’s home digitals. The hackers acted without reserve as they seamlessly attacked many of Kenya’s critical cyber infrastructure.

President William Ruto advised Sudan’s rival parties to enable access to humanitarian aid and cooperate with a mission from fighting in the country, the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development.

Subsequently, the group didn’t take the rival’s support lying down, and its answer was rains of cyberattacks on several essential government websites in Kenya.

Additionally, Anonymous Sudan mocked Kenya for its weak cyberinfrastructure and claimed it was without any guarding securities measures, and deemed the attacks ‘Boring’.

Moreover, The group gloatingly took the president’s daring message as a joke, in its own words “easiest country to attack ever’. We expect more attacks in the coming days on Kenya’s critical infrastructure.

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