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Argentinian Airline Plans to Implement NFTs and Blockchain Technology in Their Operations


An Argentinian airline, Flybondi, plans to adopt blockchain technology in their operations, Urecomm reports. The company is implementing the use of tickets as non-fungible tokens as flight tickets. Customers will be able to sell or give out the tickets within three days before the flight.

Flybondi Seeks to Leverage NFTs and Blockchain for Customer Satisfaction

Flybondi is seeking to leverage NFTs for the benefit of its airlines and customers. While trying to adapt to blockchain technology, the company has provided NFTs for its customers to perform various actions. The innovation from, Travelx, will allow customers to trade, sell, and transfer tickets to another individual three days before the flight.

Furthermore, the innovation allows users to purchase tickets using Binance, and pay with stablecoins like USDC. Customers are strictly allowed to pay in USDC, however, Travelx said other coins will be available subsequently.

“The innovation will enable greater flexibility for travelers to anticipate their travel plans. By accessing better rates without the risks of purchasing tickets in advance,” Travelx stated.

Additionally, Travelx stated that it’s a great way for the travel industry and the world of web3 to come together. They added that the aim is to provide a versatile experience for travelers while acquiring new sources of revenue and reducing transactional costs.

According to Flybondi’s statement, Travelx is one of the primary organizations to implement new blockchain technologies. Flybondi said other companies will emulate it after a successful implementation.

The potential of NFTs being widely used continues to increase irrespective of the crypto dip. A few days ago, PGA announced the integration of NFT programs for the benefit of its players. PGA said they are partnering with an NFT company, Autograph, to launch a digital collectible platform. While the small print of the products is yet to be determined, meanwhile, it was revealed that the NFTs will be sold on a replacement platform, incorporating tournament video.