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China And Russia Collaborate on Cyberattacks to Bully Ukraine

In its most recent report, the U.S. government affirmed that China and Russia are collaborating to deal forcefully with Ukraine and its allies. The Ukrainian government shared a sum discovery of its total cyberattack to amount to 10,000.

Russia has a Collaborator

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the war has also developed into the first cyberwar in history. The aforementioned was one of the main realizations of the Kyiv International Cyber Resilience Forum, held February 7-8 in the Ukrainian capital.

Furthermore, the representatives of cybersecurity agencies from Ukraine, the United States, NATO, and the European Union debated partnerships on defense systems for their digital networks in Ukraine’s Capital city.

The meetings resulted in one significant conclusion: that the Kremlin is employing its cooperation with China to carry out cyberattacks against Ukraine.

In March 2022, a month shortly after the invasion began, a cyberattack was noticed in Ukraine with leading cybersecurity analyst professionals in SentinelOne confirming the use of malware developed by Scarab, a hacker group tied to the Chinese government.

Moreover, the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre affirmed in April 2022 that it was inquiring into an alleged immense Chinese attack on 600 Ukrainian websites in the days ushering up to the official aggression, including the attack on the Ministry of Defense.

Subsequently, the European Commission Vice-President Vera Jourová gave notice to Chinese leaders in September 2023 in a statement to Politico that they should withdraw all support for Russia in the invasion: “I have stated that we consider how China interacts with Russia’s war against Ukraine to be a determining factor for EU-China relations going forward.”

A Sharp Edges In Cyber-War

The Swiss-based CyberPeace Institute Hue, report inferred that it had recorded at least 300 cyberattacks against Russian civilian agencies and critical infrastructure since the inception of the invasion and the claimed hacker is the so-called IT Army of Ukraine, a considerable network of hackers supported by the Kyiv government.

According to the institute, the institute pointed out 574 attacks against Ukrainian civilian agencies and critical infrastructure in the same course of time. The SSU claims that in nearly two years of war, it has dealt with 10,000 major cyberattacks, with a daily average of 13.

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