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Compulsion of data release by Google play store from applications


Google is implementing a new model for data safety section to have access to users information from apps, Android’s official app repository.

Sensitive information is being divulged during the installation of these apps, this enables the users to be highly vulnerable to threat actors because an extreme amount of data is shared.

Data is spontaneously shared and collected with third parties stating reasons for collection. Users interact particularly with entries to make enquiries for an information. General access to software application is an optimum way to get to accomplish a certain task.

Regulatory security practices of apps to protect the data collected describes the third layer of data safety section. New software packages should ensure patches are made to avoid any loop of information to malicious threat actors. Users are given privilege to erase their shared data at any time according to data safety section.

It was said by “Bleeping Computer that developers would provide information which will be declined by Google, falsification of data requires developers to fix their problem appropriately”. However, there will be deferment of apps if the developers persist not to solve the issue.

Follow-up by data safety section was done to indicate  app adhere to Google Play Families Policy. Thus, Google aim to conceal the new  Data Safety section to unable android users to see until a couple of weeks later.

Recently, Android apps on the Play Store provided a link to their Privacy Policy under the “Additional Information” section and provide a contact email. Since this policy is hosted on an opened location, it is liable to various changes and crucial details about data collection and protection which can lead to broken link.

With the leverage of scams, malware, trojan, worms and other inconsistent software packages, users are advised to appraise regulatory app packages updated to the latest version.

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