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Doja Cat X Account Allegedly Hacked Promoting Solana-based Token


Doja Cat, a popular music artist revealed on X that their account was hacked before promoting Solana-based memecoin token. However, the incident raises critical questions about accountability, trust, and the ever-evolving landscape of online deception.

It echoes previous incidents where prominent figures such as 50 Cent, have faced similar accusations, often leading to the launch of questionable tokens and the potential for financial exploitation of unsuspecting followers.

Doja Cat Under Scrutiny

While the legitimacy of Doja Cat’s hacking claim remains under scrutiny, the situation highlights a crucial challenge.

Notably, community concerns about the rapid growth of cryptocurrencies and the allure of quick riches have fueled a surge in fraudulent schemes. Hackers, leveraging the influence of high-profile figures, manipulate social media to spread misinformation and lure users into investing in dubious projects.

The lack of concrete evidence, including the difficulty in proving ownership and control over accounts, further complicates the issue. The “blame-the-hack” strategy, employed by alleged perpetrators, serves as a convenient smokescreen, shifting the responsibility for the scam and potentially shielding them from accountability.

50 Cent’s X Account Hacked Makes $300 Million on Scam Crypto

Colin Wu, a cryptocurrency journalist, reported that the well-known American rapper, actor, and businessman 50 Cent (real name Curtis James Jackson III) had his social media account hacked by unknown individuals. The hackers used his account to promote a fraudulent cryptocurrency called GUNIT, which they had allegedly created.

After regaining control of his account, 50 Cent took to Instagram to clarify that he had no involvement with the GUNIT token and that the hackers had reportedly made hundreds of millions of dollars in minutes by promoting the scam coin.

Additionally, Colin Wu mentioned in a tweet that 50 Cent had unknowingly shared a post promoting the meme coin GUNIT and even included a link for his followers to click. As a result, GUNIT’s market value skyrocketed to $8 million within just 30 minutes.

Subsequently, the hackers performed a rug pull, causing investors to lose a staggering $300 million in just thirty minutes. On his Instagram account, 50 Cent made it clear that he had no association with the GUNIT coin and expressed his shock at the situation. He also confirmed that the hackers had released the meme coin while controlling his account and profited greatly.