Ecuador Openly Picks a Side in the Russia-Ukraine war but Could Face Cyber Attacks

Ecuador seems to have picked a side in the raging war between Russia and Ukraine.

Ecuador Struggles With Putin’s Supporters

According to reports, Ecuador is struggling to quell civil unrest. The unrest comes as a result of the Puela group, a team of Putin supporters who are openly lending their voice in support of the dictator.  

A tweet was made after the Ukrainian media account, the Kyiv Independent, reported that Russia conducted indiscriminate attacks on Kharkiv. The write-up stated that Ecuador was at a UN council meeting in support of the war-torn nation.

Anonymous was Called out

However, the account handler called out a group of hackers for attacking the country when it stands in solidarity with the oppressed. Until now, this group of threat actors have been in support of Ukraine.

Anonymous hackers said they launched an attack on Russian radio station Kommersant FM and made it to broadcast anti-war songs and the Ukrainian anthem. The APT, who call themselves the ‘Legion’, are still targeting Russian-owned infrastructure and assets.

Earlier this month, they launched attacks on a Russian law firm and leaked 1TB worth of data owned by the firm. The hackers have compromised and released over 12 million Russian files and emails since the cyberwar between Russia and Ukraine began.

The threat actors are working with other hackers from different countries, such as Italy, in conducting attacks. The hackers claim to be fighting against Russian aggression and corrupt government in other countries.

Ukraine’s IT Army is not the only group of hackers launching attacks against Russia. Since the war between Ukraine and Russia, cybergroups have pledged their support to Ukraine and even to Russia. Ukrainian supporters seem to be in the lead in the on-going cyberwar as Russia has suffered numerous cyberattacks from different locations.

In a previous report, the Russian authorities were forced to warn the West about cyberattacks being launched on them. The Russian Foreign Ministry warned that they might be forced to respond to the attacks by direct military confrontation. They also accused the U.S. and Ukraine of an attack launched on them.

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