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Evil Rabbit Exposes Shocking Lockbit Revelations on X

Evil Rabbit is gradually closing in on crippling evidence connected to Lockbit. Their recent findings point to a web of money laundering operations orchestrated by the ransomware gang, consisting of four WordPress sites, all eerily similar in theme and technology.

Lockbit’s Shady Web of Operations

The peculiar case of a New York-based business makes the discovery intriguing. The business, already struggling due to tax woes, miraculously changed ownership right before the onset of COVID-19 lockdowns in March 2020. Additionally, the state’s stringent restrictions made cash payments nearly impossible, and dining in was out of the question. Moreover, the business seemed absent from popular food delivery platforms, leaving a perplexing question: how did it survive?

Digging deeper, Evil Rabbit cross-referenced the business’s financial records with Small Business Administration (SBA) and Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans, and the result was stunning—zero loans in the business’s name. However, the puzzle became even more intricate when Evil Rabbit uncovered a list of businesses linked to Lockbit, all with shoddily configured WordPress sites sharing a common theme.

The plot thickened as two of these businesses were based in Staten Island, New York, while the other two operated in the same Greek city, all within a short drive of each other. The likelihood of this being a mere coincidence seemed highly unlikely.

Evil Rabbit Awaits Lockbit’s Missteps

Lockbit, known for its cyber prowess, seemed to have left breadcrumbs of carelessness. As the cyber world watches with bated breath, Evil Rabbit, a rival group, continues its calculated exploits and relentless pursuit of vulnerabilities. Additionally, they stand ready to exploit Lockbit’s missteps, leveraging these newfound insights to gain an edge in the high-stakes cyber conflict.

The revelation has sent shockwaves through the cybersecurity community, raising questions about the scope and audacity of Lockbit’s operations. As Evil Rabbit continues its relentless pursuit of the truth, the digital underworld braces for more revelations and the inevitable clash between cyber giants.

One thing remains certain: Lockbit’s secrets are slowly unraveling, and the world is watching with rapt attention.

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