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FixedFloat Suffers Another Cyberattack, Months After Previous Exploit


Fixedfloat suffered another attempt by malicious actors to steal funds.

It revealed in a post that it successfully foiled the attack following reports of unauthorized access. The said attackers tried on several occasions but failed to breach its system.

In a post on X, the firm said that the attack failed due to its superior cybersecurity infrastructure and measures it had in place against such attempts.

It said the attackers applied “various methods to try to hack our service again. Thanks to the enormous work done to improve the security of our infrastructure, we were able to successfully repel their attacks and continue to work.”

FixedFloat Hackers Found a new Vulnerability

Although the exchange claimed its team pushed the threat actors out of its system, it added that the hackers managed to discover a vulnerability of a third party service provider.

Fixedfloat said: “third-party attacks are beyond our control, we take all necessary measures to strengthen the security of our services and will work to prevent similar incidents in the future.”

Nonetheless, the exchange claimed that the most recent hack did not affect its users. It failed to disclose the amount of money the hackers carted. However, the post stated that the hackers stole funds from its service provider’s liquidity pool.

Fundamentally, none of the company’s or user’s funds were accessed, as Fixedfloat does not operate as a custodial service and does not keep user assets.

As per the post, the investigation is ongoing and the exchange will release more details.

Nonetheless, Fixedfloat claimed the hackers were the same threat actor who hacked it in February. The trading platform confirmed it suffered a cyberattack on February 18. During the exploit, the malicious actor carted away $26 million in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The loot consisted of 400 BTC worth $21 million at the time and 1,700 ETH, worth almost $5 million