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German Arms Firm #Rheinmetall confirms Black Basta Cyberattack On It Group


Rheinmetall declared on Monday that the Black Basta ransomware group was behind a tricky cyberattack last month.

The German firm spokesperson says the automotive and arms manufacturing company is proceeding with its work after an effort to resolve the attack.

Moreover, the sudden attack reports overlapped with news that Rheinmetall was in talks about constructing a new tank plant in Ukraine.

Rheinmetall’s Crucial Role In Ukraine War

The German spokesman emphasized that the occurrence, which was first detected on April 14, only impacted the company’s civilian business, which operates utilizing rigidly a separate IT infrastructure.

Notably, Rheinmetall’s military Arms dealing business has become an integral part of the war in Ukraine, with the corporation securing several contracts to equip the Ukrainian military forces with ammunition and reconnaissance systems.

The corporation is also a key supplier of guns on the Leopard tank, some of which European countries like Germany, Poland, Portugal, and Sweden sent to Ukraine to support its counter-offensive.

A Deliberate Targeted National Attack?

Ukraine’s reliance on Rheinmetall’s arms production of 155mm caliber artillery shells is not unknown, which are momentarily in short supply in the West.

The German Spokesperson for Rheinmetall said that the corporation has notified the relevant authorities subsequently after the incident, and has filed a criminal complaint with the Cologne public prosecutor’s office.

Furthermore, The Black Basta ransomware group has been behind top-class high-profile attacks on the Swiss tech giant ABB, the American Dental Association, German wind farm operator Deutsche Windtechnik and the British outsourcing company Capita.

Cybersecurity researchers experts linked the long-running cybercrime syndicate FIN7 to the Black Basta ransomware operators in a report publicized late last year.

More on the Previous Hack

Rheinmetall, a company that deals with industrial customers, mostly in the automotive sector, suffered a cyber attack on April 14. Following the announcement, it added that the hackers failed to gain access to its military branch.