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German Governments Sites has Been Attacked by Pro-Russian Hackers


Pro-Russian hackers launched a barrage of cyberattacks on German government websites and politicians, including Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s party-affiliated site, citing an official investigation.

The websites were said to have suffered from Distributed Denial of Service (DDos), which blocked access to them. There were further reports of attacks on Germany’s Defense Ministry, parliament, Federal Police and several state police authorities.

Who Were the Hackers?

Russian activist group Killnet claimed responsibility for the attacks. They made their latest feats known through a Telegram group where constant updates on their recent exploits were announced.

The German administration is taking the attack as a threat to its national security. The offensives were also in response to Germany’s support for Ukraine. In recent months, the government has sent weapons supplies to the war-torn country.

In its latest bid to support the said nation, Scholz’s has authorized the transfer of 50 Gepard anti-aircraft tanks last week and on Friday announced the delivery of seven self-propelled, rapid-fire artillery systems.

Firewalls are being installed to target any suspicious links to get the hackers from relaying their criminal action. Compilation of necessary policy requirements, rules and regulations is presently used in places, especially the political sector, in order to sanction any violation made by the hackers.

Previous Killnet Attacks

It was reported last week that Romania suffered several cyber attacks. The Romanian government announced a series of cyber attacks on websites of critical public organizations including the government and the Defense Ministry.

Via a press conference, it was revealed that Killnet was responsible for the attacks. The group, in response to the government, released a statement, using the F word on the affected nation.

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