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Ghostsec Released A Deadly Leak On Mexican Cartels And Co-Associate


Ghostsec, a ransomware-operating organization, has taken to its telegram to provide a significant leak from a recent cyber breach operation that would have a substantial impact on the Mexican cartel. The leak has affected some of the largest cartels in Mexico, including Sinaloa, Jalisco, and others.

According to the threat actors, the leak trails from various government websites, centers owned or supported by the cartel, and shops owned or supported by the cartel were all implicated in the data leak.

Furthermore, the information contained within the leak also includes a comprehensive research write-up that delves deep into the cartel’s operations, locations, and much more.

It is important to note that the Ghostsec motto, “If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything,” is a powerful message that urges individuals to defend their beliefs.

Ghostsec Launches Attack on Key Israeli Infrastructures

According to a recent announcement on its Telegram channel, GhostSec is responsible for yet another concerning attack on Israel’s critical infrastructure. This news follows the group’s previous attack on Rafah and has raised significant concerns about the severity of the damage caused.

It appears that GhostSec has recently been focusing its attacks on Israel, which represents a surprising departure from their past activities and stated agenda.

The reason for this sudden change in focus is a result of the recent attack on Rafah, which appears to have fueled GhostSec’s cold agenda against Israel. This time, the threat actors specifically targeted the ICS systems in Israel, which are critical to the country’s infrastructure.

Additionally, they took forceful immediate control and caused damage to the controller for the energy protection system in Netanya and the water cooling system made by kmakam.

Furthermore, the group sought revenge by damaging 12 critical panels that controlled medical-grade cannabis growth belonging to the Medocann Group. Most significantly, the Ring radar from Regulus company was disabled, causing significant damage.