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Google Apply Play Malware Protective Policy Against Apps With Goldoson #Malware


Google takes action against Goldoson, a new malware that penetrated the Google PlayStore and infected 60 apps with a tally of 100 million downloads.

An expert warns that the infected apps pose massive threats to users. He added that third-party library developers added the worm to the sixty apps.

Goldoson Steals Data

Researchers discovered that the Goldoson malware can collect information on users’ GPS locations, installed apps, and WiFi and Bluetooth-connected devices.

Additionally, reports have it that the worm can engage in ad fraud without users’ knowledge. The software can remotely click on ads in the background, causing potential financial harm to advertisers.

The malware contains a format that discerns the specific data-stealing and ad-clicking functions it will execute on the compromised Android device, as well as the frequency of these actions.

Notably, the data collection functions are activated every two days, sending a comprehensive list of installed apps, and geographical location history.

Additionally, the extent of data collection is based on the permissions given to the infected app during installation and the version of the Android device in use.

Google Immediate Response Has Danger Lurks 

The Google App Defense Alliance is working to ensure that Google Play stays free from malware and adware threats. Google acted on the researchers’ discoveries by promptly notifying developers of the impacted applications.

Those who were quick to react removed the harmful component from their apps, while other developers who failed to comply with Google Play’s policies had their apps removed from the store.

Recently, experts advised that typical signs of adware and malware infection may include a device heating up, quick battery drainage, and unexpectedly high internet data usage even when the device is not in use.

In any case, Users need to be aware of these signs and take essential precautions to defend their devices from potential threats.

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