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Google Chrome has Been Hacked: Update to be Released in a few Days to fix Issue.


Google on Thursday warned billions of chrome users that the browser has been successfully targeted by hackers revealing 30 security flaws, including seven that pose a “HIGH” threat to use .

The company is set to release an update in a few days to fix the bugs, which affect Windows, Mac Os’ and Linux . It’s not certain who hacked the firm, and if any user’s security was put at risk.

Google Takes Steps to Address the Bug

Features hacked are currently being restricted by the company. ‘until the majority of users are updated with a fix’. Information was also retained as to if similar bugs exist in a third party library that other projects similarly depend on that  haven’t been fixed yet.

The company also said users can manually update their browser through the settings feature, but Chrome will automatically update itself within a few days .

Google recently announced an increase in hacks on Chrome, other browsers, and several other tech companies have reported hacking vulnerabilities. Tech companies are joining together to combat threats, alongside the help of diligent users, to prevent future vulnerabilities.

In Other News

Coca-Cola was also recently hacked by a Russian group, which is now selling its data. Stormers said it stole 161 gigabytes of financial data, passwords and accounts before putting the information on the market for $640,000 or 16million Bitcoin.

The team revealed on Monday it had infiltrated the drinks company and got out ‘without their knowledge.’ Coca-Cola said it has launched an urgent investigation and has already contacted the police.

The same goes for anything that is seven or eight characters but made up of just numbers or lower case letters. But the news doesn’t get much better for any eight-character combination. In fact, they can all be guessed in about 39 minutes according to US cybersecurity company Hive Systems, which is based in Richmond, Virginia.

On the flip side, the way to guarantee that your password won’t be cracked for some 438 trillion years is to use 18 characters made up of numbers, upper and lower case letters and symbols.