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Hackers For LGBTQ: SeigedSec Launches Cyberattacks on Forth Worth

SiegedSec hinted at its involvement in the cyberattack on the City of Forth Worth.

City officials in Fort Worth are suggesting that the motive behind the cyberattack is Texas’ stance on gender reassignment surgery, hinting that the hackers are pro-LGBTQ.

City officials reported that SeigedSec directly conveyed a message to the US Government, stating that Texas, being one of the largest states to implement a ban on gender-affirming care, has become a primary target.

Earlier this month, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill that prohibited gender transitioning treatment for minors, including sex reassignment surgeries and cross-sex hormones.

The hackers compromised the city’s system, including invoices, emails between staff members, and spreadsheets. However, the IT department clarified that all the breached information would eventually become public through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) order if requested.

Fort Worth’s IT Solutions Director, Kevin Gunn, explained during a press conference on Saturday, “The City of Fort Worth has confirmed that the posted information did originate from our computer systems. However, the data came from a website that our workers use to manage their maintenance activities, not from the city’s public-facing internet website.”

He further added, “[There is] no indication that any other systems were accessed, nor any other evidence of sensitive information such as social security or banking information was accessed or released.”

Restoring Security and Investigation on Forth Worth

To restore security measures moving forward, city officials compelled all users of the city’s website to reset their passwords. Gunn emphasized the ongoing efforts to thoroughly review the vast amount of information to fully understand the extent and depth of the incident. The Authorities claimed they contacted local and federal law enforcement agencies to investigate the cyberattack.

City officials failed to comment on other actions it taking to mitigate the current risk. The investigation into the cyberattack continues as authorities work to identify and apprehend the members of SeigedSec responsible for the breach and ascertain their motivations behind targeting the City of Fort Worth.

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