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Iranian Hackers Monitored the Jerusalem Bombing Through Israeli Security Cameras


On Wednesday, Iranian hackers posted security camera footage of the detonation of an explosive device. The explosion which happened in Jerusalem is known to have killed a 16-year-old Canadian yeshiva student, Aryeh Schupak.

According to the reports, the ‘Baton de Moise’ (translates to the ‘staff of Moses’) hackers released personal documents of Israeli companies to prove their claims of possessing good quality satellite photos of Israel.

These hackers have been linked to a case of leaked IDF files and photos of the Defense Minister, Benny Gantz, and over a hundred soldiers. One of the videos posted included a caption in Hebrew which interprets, “For a long time, we have been monitoring all your activities, step by step and moment by moment.”

The Jerusalem Bombing

Following the police investigations, a single terrorist hid the two bombs in a bag and remotely detonated them. It is also believed that a terrorist group with experience in manufacturing bombs had planned the attack.

However, none of the terrorist groups have claimed responsibility for the attack in Jerusalem. The Israeli police are still conducting investigations to find the criminals involved in the explosion.

According to sources, the difficulty to obtain authentic information about criminals reveals the weaknesses of the intelligence services. The investigators are currently relying on intelligence services, agents, security cameras, and other technological means to gather useful information about the explosion.

 Camera footage filmed during the explosion has been submitted to the police but unfortunately, none of them draws suspicion or identifies the criminals.

Victims Severely Injured Because of the Explosions

Over 20 people were injured because of the explosion, and one of the victims remains in critical condition. According to Shaare Zedek Medical Centre, the patient’s life is still at risk. Aryeh Schupak and two other patients were immediately rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Schupak “gave up the ghost” because of the severe injuries gotten from the explosion.