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Cyberattack or Divine Intervention: Iron Dome Malfunction, Hits Infrastructures in Israel

Iron Dome fired its interceptors at civilian targets in the late hours of Sunday. Israel’s main air defense system malfunctioned as it faced a barrage of missiles from Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

Widespread reports have it that one of the key infrastructures the system’s rockets hit was a hospital in the nation’s capital, Tel Aviv and many claimed that there were casualties. Another source claimed that another defense missile hit a residential area in Rishon Lezion, which is 7 km from the capital.

Officials failed to comment on the malfunction. This opened the floor to more speculation from citizens and international spectators. While the news came across as shocking, others claimed it was divine intervention. A good number also speculate a possible cyberattack on the air defense system.

What Caused the Iron Dome Malfunction?

Recall that on October 19, the Pentagon intended to return the two Iron Dome missile defense systems it previously bought from Israel to defend itself against incoming missiles.

The U.S. official and the congressional aide told Reuters that the Department of Defense informed Congress members at a briefing on Wednesday that it intended to lease the Iron Dome systems back to Israel. Under this kind of financial agreement, the buyer retains ownership. The deal also included some rockets for the system.

Many may argue that since both batteries were not in active service before their deployment, this may lead to malfunctions. Others may also say that there is evidence the ones in service are wearing out, creating defects.

On the other hand, with hackers from Iran, Pakistan, and Russia on the radar, there are high chances that the unprecedented misfire may be a cyberattack from these threat actors.

Previous Interception on Sunday

Hezbollah fired approximately ten missiles into northern Israel, but the Iron Dome system generally stopped them. In Kiryat Shmona, a car was struck by a rocket, setting the city on fire. Numerous other rocket falls were documented in the city’s environs.

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