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Justine Skye Denies Shading Selena Gomez and Alleged her Snapchat was Hacked


Popular American singer Justine Skye denies throwing shade at Selena Gomez and alleged that her Snapchat account was hacked. 

A picture of the artiste with Hailey Beiber surfaced online which caused uproar between fans as they claimed she was a backstabber. The singer claimed that she was hacked and denied posting anything on Snapchat after receiving a social media blast.

The post, shading Selena Gomez, made reference to her cosmetics brand and TikTok videos. The post reads: “Making tiktoks every day like you don’t have a shitty makeup brand to run?Hmmn…just whack as hell.”

Justine Skye Claimed Her Snapchat was Hacked

She made a tweet disconfirming it was her action saying she does not know why anyone would think that after not posting on on the platform for years she would go on Snapchat to say that. She added that the reason for such post was because she was hacked.

As at press time, Cybertechwiz confirmed that the singer’s Snapchat account have been deleted. 

However, there were no reports of the artiste filing a complaint with the concerned authourities. There were no third party to confirm the incidence and people were not convinced she experienced cyber attack.

A fan account reacted to the tweet that so the singer was blocking people who were calling out those snaps an hour before deciding the addressing the issue. The user also sarcastically added that parhaps her Twitter account was also hacked. 

This not the First she Faced Social Media Backlash

In September 2020, Justine Skye rejected rumours of her and Hailey Beiber, shading Selena Selena Gomez during a workout video. She made a tweet urging fans to stop spreading misinformation and said she had been receiving racist messages. 

Following a recent cyber attack, hackers seem to be looking for adventures in the cyberspace through celebrities. it was reported on Thursday that another celebrity, Ariana Grande, experienced cyberattacks on her website. Fans raised alarms after noticing changes in her website. It was later confirmed that it was one of her fans who hacked her website.

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