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Killnet And Anonymous Sudan Join Forces To Kill France RATP Website


In the early hours of Wednesday, Killnet and Anonymous Sudan, a hacktivist organization, joined forces to kill the RATP and Super-Metro train station website and disrupt the running of the whole station.

The main reason for the attack is the station’s importance to French nationals and the surrounding nations. The Vostochny railway is one of the seven stations that covers traveling journeys to Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Poland, Belarus, and Russia from Paris.

Other Reasons For Attacking RATP

In a joint force with Anonymous Sudan, Killnet announced their reason for the attack on the super-metro station and metro transport provider RATP. The threat actors say it was a form of protest and support for the coup d’etat in the Niger Republic.

Previously, Anonymous Sudan reportedly threatened a bigger attack on the French government. It promised to devastate the country and destabilize its core infrastructure. However, the interest and desire to support and fight for Niger in hopes to help the “helpless” garnered a lot of global viewers.

Notably, the attack lasted three and a half hours, causing unavoidable chaos and disruption to the stations and leaving the cyber response team with much work to do. The conclusive slogans of Sudan and Killnet affirm their origins. In their own words, “Glory to Niger, Glory to Russia, and Fuck France.”

Anonymous Sudan Crippled Over 600 French Government Websites

Anonymous Sudan announced its involvement in an attack on more than 600 French government websites. The French tax system was temporarily inaccessible as it was crippled. Additionally, the attack included other financial and tax payouts and pay-in systems used by the French populace.

Interestingly, the threat actors declared on their telegram page that the cyberattack was only a sniff of what was to come, It stated this stunning attack was a preparatory attack with something big to come soon.

The group joined forces with Killnet to cripple the super-metro train station for a three-and-a-half hour moment of disruption keeping to their word of something big to come.