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Killnet Threatens Turkish Company, Baykar, of Potential Cyberattacks. Russia targets Turkey .


The notorious Russian Hacking group, Killnet, has issued threats to a Turkish Company, Baykar. The Russian state-sponsored hackers said on its Telegram channel that Baykar had inflicted great losses on the Russian army. The threats from Killnet were direct to the owner of the company, Haluk Bayraktar, and the Bayraktar family.

The threatening message came after Haluk Bayraktar gave an interview to BBC Russian service. He said, “If Moscow offers you big money, will you sell Baykar to them?” He replied, “The basis of our business has never been money and material things. No matter how much money Moscow offers us, we will not sell to them.”

Sergey Tsekov, a former member of the Russian Federation Council of International Relations Committee announced that Baykar would set up a factory in Ukraine for the production of UAVs and it will be their target.

More Attacks From Killnet
Killnet is considered the most notorious Russian hacking group since the rebranding of the Conti ransomware group. The group acquired popularity after targeting many countries around the world. The group has continuously targeted NATO member nations and other countries who have supported Ukraine since Russia’s invasion in February.

Last month, Killnet claimed responsibility for the cyberattack on the U.S Congress’ website. The hackers used their common tactic, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), to carry out the attack. The U.S congress had its official website down for hours but it was later restored to normal the next day. Although, this month few reports have been heard about Killnet. Since the beginning of the year, the hackers have been consistently carrying out their attacks in support of Russia.

Furthermore, in May, Killnet declared cyberwar on ten countries after the rumored failed attempt at Eurovision Song Contest. The police cybersecurity department in Italy revealed that they were able to stop incoming attacks from Killnet during the contest.

However, Killnet denied the accusations and declared cyberwar on ten countries including the Italian police. The group posted a video revealing they will attack the US, the UK, Germany, Italy, Estonia, Romania, Latvia, Poland, and Ukraine.