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Lapsus Announce Retirement From Cybercrime Space: Strategic Or Total Retreat?

Lapsus announced retirement via its Telegram channel, which has sent shockwaves to the cybersecurity community.

The ransomware group, known for its audacious exploits against high-profile companies like Nvidia and Samsung, intends to pursue a career in ethical hacking.

This surprising turn of events, coupled with Patcher’s subsequent silence, a figure closely associated with Lapsus$ and the administrator of the Gloriamist group, raises intriguing questions about the future of cybercrime.

Digging Into Lapsus Retirement

According to the source, Sparked, the prominent figure behind both Lapsus$ and Gloriamist, has requested the deactivation of their X account, effectively marking their exit from the public sphere.

Furthermore, while the motivations behind this decision remain unclear, it is noteworthy that this announcement follows the FBI’s successful takedown of the Lockbot3 channel. This connection may seem coincidental, but it cannot be ignored.

Patcher’s inactivity has further fueled speculation. Gloriamist’s admin, Sparked, has publicly expressed concerns regarding Patcher’s prolonged absence, hinting at a potential arrest. This concern, juxtaposed with the FBI’s recent actions, paints a picture of a tightening grip on the cybercriminal underworld.

The simultaneous retirement of Lapsus$ and the potential arrest of Patcher, combined with the FBI’s takedown of lockbot3, seems to signify a shift in the cybercrime landscape. It remains to be seen if this marks the end of an era for these groups or merely a strategic retreat.

However, it is essential to acknowledge the evolving nature of cybercrime; groups like Lapsus$ have shown remarkable adaptability and innovation, leaving a lasting impact on cybersecurity protocols.

UK Police Allegedly Arrested GTA 6 And Uber Hacker

The City of London Police have apprehended a teenager suspected of leaking information about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA VI) game. The law enforcers made the arrest after the FBI intervened.

This leak ensued only days after a threat actor using the character teapot2022 breached Uber’s innermost systems and disclosed 57 million customer data.

A member of Lapsus$ with the alias TeaPot professed accountability for both attacks. At that point, Uber began working with the FBI and others to recognize Tea Pot. The FBI also unwrapped an investigation into the Rockstar hack just days ago.

The teen’s detention is not the first that London Police have conducted. In March, UK law enforcement ransacked and arrested seven plausible members of Lapsus$.

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