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Lockbit Remains The Most Lethal Ransomware Gang Despite Law Enforcement Takedown


Lockbit continues its reign of terror across the globe. In a recent report by Darkwebinformer, they revealed a report of the group’s activities last week.


As per the report, the ransomware gang conducted over 160 attack in seven days. This comes after they resumed operations following their recent tussle with law enforcement.

Lockbit Dares Law Enforcement

In a daring move, the group on March 2 announced it published Boeing’s critical infrastructural data. It added that it will leak  31 other companies’ in the next few hours. Nonetheless, analysts claimed the leak was the same as the ones they previously leaked.

The Lockbit ransomware group followed by Alphv/BlackCat top the charts as first and second respectively with more than 800 points in total together in their attacks.

According to the Darkweb ranking top ten charts list, the Medusa and Qilin ransomware groups leveled the bottom charts as 9th and 10th respectively with over 500 points in totals revealing the number of persevering ransomware groups despite the attacks from governmental authorities or Agencies.

Darknet Market Ranking Estimate

The weekly market cap and rankings evaluation ranked Archetyp at the top of the list charts with a total value of $10M – $30M with 421 points. Along with Archetyp on the top ten charts is the Incognito Market as second, and Abacus Market as third.

Following respectively are, the Torzon market, Nemesis market, Cypher, Kerberos, Supermarket, MGM Grand, and We The North at the bottom of the top ten with a $1M – $3M and 194 points in total.

It is worth noting that if these markets close or operators exit, the potential gainer will exit with their current worth. Furthermore, the Ransomware breach count is ongoing and updates will reflect in subsequent posts.

However, the number of breaches count for any ransomware rankings will always be there, according to the source. The valuation column in Darknet market rankings may change to something else, the design for both images will be updated soon as more accurate information on each breached or seized ransomware group details are revealed.