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LockBit Threatens To Publicized Royal-Mail Hacked Data | #Cyberattack | #Ransomware |


A Russian-based hacking crew has claimed credit for the cyber attack that has incapacitated Royal Mail, threatening to publicize hacked data from the firm online.

The LockBit ransomware gang posted an update on its official outlet, notifying its audience and the world alike to publish all available data on Feb 9.

Sadly, the cyber attack incapacitated the postal service’s international export services, resulting in significant delays to overseas mail and resigning millions of parcels stagnated.

LockBit Ransom Demands Before Threats

The hack shut down machines comprising those used to print custom labels. It generated ad-hoc optional systems to get the mail moving, but the questions on delays remain.

Shortly after the sabotage, the LockBit crew published ransom notes demanding payment to unlock the machines.

Simon Thompson, Royal Mail’s chief executive, said previous assessments stated that the hackers failed to cart away any customer data.

In his latest status update, he stated that the firm continues to make progress in exporting an increasing number of items to a growing number of international destinations.

Additionally, Simon affirmed that the most recent incident did not affect some systems. They use these alternative solutions to successfully despatch parcels and letters which were in our network before the cyber incident and our services which have recently reopened.

Royal-Mail Acknowledgment And Responsive Initiations

A Royal Mail spokesman acknowledged that Royal Mail is aware that an unauthorized third party has said it plans to publicize some data allegedly acquired from our network. The cyber-hacking incident affected a system concerned with shipping mail overseas.

However, At this stage of the investigation, we assume that the ample majority of this data is made up of technical program files and administrative business data.

Moreover, All of the proof indicates that this data encompasses no financial information or other sensitive customer information, We acted fast to isolate and contain the issue and we have no confirmation of any blow on the rest of the Royal Mail network.

Consequently, We directly notified the Information Commissioner’s Office as a safeguard when we became conscious of the cyber incident and we continue to work closely with law enforcement agencies. Royal Mail unpretentiously apologizes for any stress this development may cause.

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