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Why Are There No Major Cyber Attacks On Ukraine? The U.S Intelligence Are Yet to Reply.


Since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia on February 24 2022, several countries have condemned the physical and cyber attacks and have taken measures to support the afflicted nation. Following the sanction of the aggressor by several parties, some organizations like Google have also shown its support for the defending party.

Microsoft also joined the fight as the tech giant cited the recent cyber attacks on Ukraine has raised concerns under the Geneva Convention. All these parties, including the United States of America, were anticipating a major cyber attack on the said nation.

Cybertechwiz has reported various attacks on the U.S. and not on the European country. It is clear that there have been none, which begs the question “why?” Sen. Mark Warner, a Virginia Democrat, said he questioned intelligence community officials in public and in private and has come away without a reason for the Russians’ inaction.

As per the statement, it is no surprise that the Senate Intelligence Committee chairman said the U.S. government cannot fully explain why Russia has not launched a catastrophic cyberattack accompanying its invasion of Ukraine.

NotPetya Not Launched on Ukraine

Elaborating on the current situation in Ukraine, Mr. Warner said that the fact Russia has not launched a NotPetya type attack with software that includes worms that go from [one] network to another is unclear.

He said that the previous assumption was that the aggressors thought they would win so quickly or, they didn’t want to use the really malicious malware because if it really destroyed some of the Ukrainian infrastructure, it would take much longer, it would be much more costly to re-stand up.

He revealed all this information at an event hosted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

More on NotPetya

NotPetya was a 2017 cyberattack by Russia against Ukraine that leveraged accounting software to infect computers and ultimately spread elsewhere to cause damage estimated at $10 billion globally, according to the Brookings Institution.

A NotPetya-style attack has not ensued in the current war, and the federal government is urging people to remain vigilant. The Biden administration warned critical infrastructure operators last month to prepare their cyber defenses in case attacks spilled over from Russia’s advance on Ukraine.

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