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NoName057 Rabid Attacks On Spanish Banks Causes Public Fright


Pro-Russian hackers, NoName057, disrupt the operations of several Spanish Banks with rabid DDoS attacks.

The rain of attack impacted many countries’ bank branch websites in Spain. The Italian conglomerate Banco Mediolanum, the parent company of Gruppo Mediolanum, was one of the victims.

Shortly after the operations of Gruppo were disrupted, Cybertecwiz observe a follow-up attack on its subdomain, and the authorization service on its portal was temporarily impaired.

Furthermore, the Dutch bank’s Triodos main portal was not spared either, its website was slammed shut to public access. A moment after, the authorization service on its portal was also inaccessible to the world’s visitors.

Unsurprisingly, NoName had issued threats of a barrage of DDoS attacks, targeting Spain’s critical infrastructure.

Their recent strike on Spain’s main government websites, including parliament and the federal administration, sparked widespread chaos and fear among spectators.

Notably, NoName’s series of attacks amplify a concerning trend in global cyberinfrastructure interference in critical areas.

Nonetheless, the threat actors find pleasure in dealing terrifying damage to any EU-associated countries members or affiliates.

NoName057 Influencing Spain’s Parliamentary Elections from the Sidelines

Pro-Russian hackers Noname057 hinted at their ability to interfere with Spain’s Parliamentary elections.

The nation finds itself in the throes of a crucial early parliamentary election, where the battle for power between incumbent socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and conservative Albert Feijoo is reaching a crescendo.

However, as citizens head to the polls to exercise their democratic rights, a shadowy threat looms over the electoral process.

NoName057, a mysterious and dangerous hacking group, issued a chilling statement asserting its capability to influence the election’s outcome.

Surprisingly, the group claims to be disinterested in the results, as both sides espouse a pro-European stance, which they equate with anti-Russian policies. “Tristeza, España!!!” they sneer, signaling their disdain for Spain’s political alignment.

Nonetheless, incurring a cyberattack during the election has the potential to disrupt the very foundation of Spain’s democracy. Spanish authorities did not respond to questions about the situation.

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