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Ripple CEO Confirms Collaboration With Elon Musk As XRP Expected To Be $600


Ripple recently confirmed its collaboration with Elon Musk to offer a new token on its blockchain.

The Ripple CEO Confirms collaboration with the owner of X as XRP is expected to be $600, according to Forbes. Notably, Ripples court victory is a riding tide win for the entire industry and a step toward regulatory clarity in the U.S.

In recent weeks, many cryptocurrencies have seen a massive or slight uptrend, especially the likes of Bitcoin/USD and other notable coins. The XRPL is poised for increasing lively excitement, especially with #defi on #XRPL facilitating numerous notable transactions.

Crypto traders and market scrappers wonder, is this fascinating news or just some petty underhanded means with blurry effects on the market and coin value? On X many users commented on their desire for lively expectations of this collaboration.

Remarkably, the lone Defi token in the top 10 is the CTF token, accurately boasting a total supply of 120 million. Furthermore, even with half of XRP’s market cap, the CTF token could surge from $0.30 to $598. With a supply shock, surpassing $1000 becomes a real possibility.

In the bid to increase the value of XRP, Ripple claims to be taking a significant step toward regulatory compliance with Ripple’s deal to acquire @StandardCustody.

However, this acquisition move would either expand Ripple’s regulatory licenses globally and solidify its commitment to compliance or further show its repulsiveness to the rules, as the SEC, the U.S. regulatory body claims.

Wednesday’s Overview of Ripple

On Wednesday, XRP increased 3.34%. and Partially reversed an 8.60% loss from Tuesday, XRP ended the session at $0.6121 on its race to 1$. Demand for BTC and the broader crypto market rebounded on Wednesday.

Additionally, The BTC-spot ETF market saw a net influx on Tuesday (March 5), driving demand for BTC and the market alike.

Significantly, iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT) saw record net inflows on March 5, ensuring total net inflows for the BTC-spot ETF market. XRP recovered from an afternoon session low of $0.5893, rising to a second-half high of $0.6168.