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Russia Attacks Finland’s Website

Finland’s website is on standby for 24 hours after Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is launched, Russian threat actors is  seen as the perpetrators of this attack.

Cybersecurity expert devised solutions to reduce denial-of-service attack directed against the Parliament’s external websites. The Finnish parliament stated in a report logical steps to limit the attack with service providers.

Reasons For Finland’s Attack

On a telegram channel, a Pro-Russian hacker group NoName057(16) took to accept full responsibility  for their attack. Their reasons for this cyber attack is affirmed to be related to Finland’s NATO aspirations. Russian hackers tested Finland’s authorities loyalty on participation with NATO.

Occurrence of the Finland website attack took place on the same day the US president Joe Biden signed an agreement document to provide full Washington’s support to Finland and Sweden joining NATO.

At the end of the second world war, a large military conflict arose from Finland’s NATO membership on 18 May amidst Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Hackers conflict

In recent times, NoName057(16) hacker collaborate with pro-Russian syndicate Killnet to launch several Distributed Denial of Service attack against countries.

There are several government website which is affected such as Italy, Romania, Germany, Norway, Lithuania, Czechia and Latvia.

At mid February threat actors initiated conflict after Russia invasion with Ukraine. There is full sponsorship from groups to support organization in Russia to aid country against invasion.

Report gathered from United Nations has it that  Russian invasion of Ukraine has created the large refugee crisis in Europe since World War II. Over 12 million people are displaced because of the conflict in a nation with 44 million residents.

Russian forces tends to conduct a special military operation on the attack that occurred in Ukraine on February 24. Hacktivist were able to deploy techniques to engage and simulate their operation.

Russian is sanctioned for its actions to Ukraine with the involvement of chain supply issues to making the country depart from the west in terms of business and move towards India and China.

Violation of human right policy led to Russia suspension from UN Human Rights Council.

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