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Showmax Loses Over 27,000 Users Credential to Hackers

As per IOL Entertainment, the video streaming platform, Showmax suffered a cyberattack that saw it lose customers’ credentials.

While many users confirmed suspicious activity, the platform claimed it was unable to verify this information.

Showmax Denied Hacker’s Claims

The company released a statement on its website, stating that the hackers’ failed to compromise the clients’ details. They also suggested that the threat actors obtained the login credentials from other sources.

According to sources, the platform claimed that the majority of the information the attackers had was inaccurate and had no links to its customer base. However, the credentials appear to have been procured by malicious actors and placed on a hacker forum.

Showmax stated there had been no security breach of its databases. It restated its commitment to ensuring the security and privacy of its consumers and added that it strictly abides by privacy laws and is committed to enhancing its security measures to safeguard sensitive data.

The credentials under consideration were customers’ emails, passwords, and other information.

Showmax reiterated that it still protects its clients’ financial information. Nonetheless, it informed all vulnerable clients of the current threat and asked them to reset their passwords. It took added steps to ensure that the compromised data was no longer accessible online.

The business also assured its customers that different safeguards have been put in place to guarantee the “continued safety” of the information of its subscribers.

As per the statement, the firm said it’s doing everything possible to maintain data security. It also promised to inform the public about any changes.

Over 27,000 Customers Were Affected

MyBroadband recently came across a post on a hacker forum that offered what it claimed to be over 27,000 usernames and passwords for Showmax.

The same forum that hosted the latest JD Group data breach is where the credentials were discovered.

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