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SiegedSec Strikes Again: 10GB Data Heist Rocks Ethereum, Fitness, and Masonry Databases

SiegedSec has once again made headlines by infiltrating not one, not two, but three substantial databases. These ill-intentioned cyber enthusiasts have managed to breach the security of Ethereum Name Service, The-People Fitness, and TMS, also known as The Masonry Society. The scale of this digital heist is staggering, with over 10GB of sensitive data now in their possession.

For SiegedSec, this breach seems to be nothing short of a feast. They’ve reportedly obtained a treasure trove of information, including usernames, hashed passwords, authentication access tokens, and even details of LockLizard accounts. It’s a data buffet that leaves cybersecurity experts and affected individuals alike in disbelief.

SeigedSec delivers a message

Furthermore, the group’s audacious message, filled with cyber lingo and cheeky expressions, is a testament to their confidence and brazenness. “H0ly sm0k35 I l0v3 c7b3r furr13s!” reads one part, demonstrating their quirky approach to cybercrime. Their voracious appetite for data is evident, as they casually mention “munching on terabytes of data.”

This isn’t the first time SiegedSec has made waves in the hacking community. They proudly refer to themselves as “swag master furry group,” and it’s clear they revel in the chaos they create. As they sign off, they tantalize their audience with promises of more to come. It seems their insatiable appetite for cyber exploits is far from satisfied.

In the wake of this breach, individuals and organizations affected by SiegedSec’s activities are left grappling with the aftermath. The stolen data poses a significant threat, and the cybersecurity landscape is once again reminded of the ever-present danger posed by hacking groups like SiegedSec.

As the digital world braces for potential fallout, authorities must have surely been working to track down the culprits behind SiegedSec. Additionally, for now, all eyes are on the horizon, eagerly awaiting the next move from this audacious hacking collective.

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