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Solana Foundation Cracks Down on Sandwich Attacks: Removes Validators

The Solana Foundation has taken a firm stance against malicious activity within its ecosystem, removing a group of validators from its delegation program due to their involvement in sandwich attacks.

This decisive action underscores the foundation’s commitment to protecting users and ensuring the integrity of the its network.

The foundation’s Discord server, where Tim Garcia, Solana Validator Relations Lead, announced the removals, emphasized that “decisions in this matter are final.” This reflects the seriousness with which the Solana Foundation views these attacks.

As Mert Mumtaz, co-founder of Solana RPC provider Helius, explained, the move guarantees that the foundation will not delegate resources to validators engaging in malicious practices.

Notably, Sandwich attacks are a type of front-running exploit that violates the guidelines established by the Solana Foundation. In these attacks, malicious actors strategically place transactions before and after a user’s transaction, manipulating the price and profiting from the difference. This practice directly harms users by increasing transaction costs and slippage, eroding trust in the network.

Solana Foundation Pursues Healthy Landscape

The Solana Foundation Delegation Program supports validators by providing them with delegated SOL tokens, alleviating the need for significant personal investment. Validator selection is based on performance criteria.

However, the program explicitly emphasizes ethical conduct and adherence to best practices. While the removed operators can still contribute to the Solana blockchain, they will no longer benefit from the foundation’s delegated stake.

Furthermore, this action by the Foundation highlights the crucial role of validators in maintaining a healthy and secure blockchain ecosystem. Removing these operators sends a clear message: malicious activities will not be tolerated. By actively addressing these issues, the Solana Foundation reinforces its commitment to user security and the long-term sustainability of its network.

Solana’s v1.18.15 Upgrade: An Enhanced Network Performance

Solana, the high-performance blockchain platform, has unveiled a significant upgrade on its Mainnet—version 1.18.15. This upgrade is the latest in a series of crucial updates rolled out since April, all aimed at bolstering the network’s performance and stability.

These upgrades, including v1.18.15, have focused on strengthening Solana’s core infrastructure. This includes addressing potential bottlenecks, optimizing transaction processing, and implementing measures to enhance overall network resilience.

The positive response from the Solana community on X is a testament to the anticipation surrounding this upgrade. One user, referencing the popular meme-based project Pepe Black, highlights the need for enhanced network capabilities to accommodate an anticipated surge in transaction volume.

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