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Solana’s Flips Ethereum in the 24 Hour Revenue


Solana’s sees a dramatic revenue surge, surpassing Ethereum’s 24-hour earnings. This unexpected “flipping” raises critical questions about the platform’s practices and their potential impact on the broader ecosystem.

While unprecedented financial success may seem impressive at first glance, a closer examination reveals a concerning reality: a reliance on high-risk, short-lived tokens that ultimately harm the market’s long-term health.

The dramatic increase in revenue, a staggering 3-4x their average earnings, suggests a significant event triggered this sudden growth, an X user reacted. However, “the platform’s reliance on tokens with a high probability of rug pulls or failures casts a shadow on this achievement.”

Furthermore, “these tokens often implement high buy taxes, as high as 10%, siphoning liquidity from the ecosystem and enriching the platform at the expense of investors”. This practice undermines the very foundation of a healthy and sustainable cryptocurrency market.

Solana’s Flipping Ethereum Grows Concerns

The inherent volatility and potential for manipulation within the cryptocurrency landscape create fertile ground for pump-and-dump schemes. These schemes rely on artificially inflating the price of a token through coordinated efforts, attracting unsuspecting investors and driving up trading volume. The scheme culminates in a rapid sell-off, leaving investors holding worthless assets while the perpetrators reap substantial profits.

While Pumpdotfun’s revenue surge may appear impressive, it is a stark reminder of the risks inherent in the cryptocurrency market. An X crypto trader says the platform’s reliance on high-risk, fleeting tokens serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the potential for unsustainable growth fueled by speculative practices.

Sui Network Flips Solana In Daily Transaction

The Sui Network has recently surpassed Solana in daily transaction volume, propelling it to the forefront of widely used blockchains.

However, skepticism surrounds these figures due to the recent launch of a meme token called SPAM on the Sui network. This token incentivizes users to send transactions by rewarding them with SPAM tokens, leading some to believe the surge in activity is artificial rather than organic.

Critics point to the disparity between the high transaction volume and the relatively small number of active wallets on Sui. They argue that the transaction volume seems inflated with only 60,000 active wallets compared to Solana’s 1.1 million.

Despite the controversy, Sui is experiencing rapid growth as a Layer 1 blockchain. In the past month, its Total Value Locked (TVL) has increased by over 120%, surpassing major platforms like Ethereum, Solana, and Avalanche. Sui’s TVL now exceeds $600 million, demonstrating its remarkable progress.