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Southern Water Admitted to Losing Customer Data in Cyberattack


The British-based Southern Water Corporation suffered a shocking cyberattack. The firm wrote in a letter that it is currently intensively investigating a cyberattack on its system with the support of industry experts and strictly following the guidance of the National Cyber Security Center.

The open letter statement mentioned that the recent cyberattack impacted the personal data of customers. They also stated that the threat actors might offer the data up for sale on the dark web.

Southern Water Acknowledges Critical Consequences

In a letter sent to its customers, the water corporation admitted that it suffered a cyberattack in January. As a result, it lost the personal data of 5%-10% of its customers.


In the letter, the firm noted that the personal data the hackers carted included identification, insurance, phone numbers and birth information. Additionally, they carted financial data including bank account numbers and payment reference numbers, increasing the depth of the impact. Apart from customer data, the threat actors also gained access to the data of current and former staff.

The announcement comes just shy of four weeks after Cybertechwiz got wind of the report and know about the intrusion, which the Black Basta ransomware group later claimed.

However, the Southern Water company as of now has yet to identify who the ransomware group is and the investigation is presently ongoing.

The southern water assures the public it takes data protection and information security responsibilities of its customers very seriously.

Additionally, the firm pledged to keep working with experts and national cyber security regulators to manage and investigate the source of the attack.

According to the latter, southern water will pay closer attention to the management of its cyber security in order to protect the safety of customers’ data and heighten their confidence. The firm also stated its commitment to preventing the data from going on the dark web