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Threatsec Announce the Removal of Siegedsec From the Five Families Group

Threatsec, the leading sect in a collaboration with four other hacking groups, recently announced the removal of Siegedsec from the Five Families Collective.

It came in response to recent observations that they had about the said group. They claimed they became aware of the group’s active promotion of highly inappropriate and uncomfortable subjects. They find such actions in direct violation of their principles and values. As a result, the leaders had to announce the immediate termination of the band from the five families and all affiliated groups within the organization.

According to the announcement, Threatsec said it was with great concern that they addressed the explicit promotion of inappropriate content and uncomfortable jokes by Siegedsec and its leader Vio. They further stated that they strongly condemn the promotion of content that includes inappropriate material, including but not limited to, child exploitation (CP) and offensive jokes.

Additionally, to safeguard the integrity of their organization and uphold the trust placed in them by their members, they promised to take decisive actions against the said group and its leader. Their commitment to fostering a safe and respectful community remains unwavering.

Threatsec Will Choose a New Group

Nonetheless, they are actively investigating the situation. In the next few days, Threatsec and the remaining hackers will announce the new group that will join the Five Families while ensuring transparency in their decision-making process. They promised dedication to resolving these issues comprehensively and taking all necessary measures to address any challenges that may arise.

Their post serves as a clear statement that they disapprove of the recent actions by SiegedSec and are taking immediate steps to rectify the situation. In conclusion, they assured that they will continue to provide updates on the matter as they work diligently to address and resolve the issue at hand. They begged that understanding and cooperation during this time will be greatly appreciated.

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