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ThreatSec Hacked Indonesia Government Center With 260,000 Data Stolen


In its telegram on Thursday, ThreatSec announced its second successive breach of the Indonesian government information center. They declared that they obtained 260,000 MongoDB data containing sensitive national pieces of information.

A Bold Claim

The group made a bold claim to have captured sensitive data in their breach of the government center in Indonesia. Moreover, the data includes information on criminals that the Indonesian government is keeping on a domestic and international level.

Furthermore, the data includes detailed information on political leaders the country deems interesting, unsurprisingly, this will be a huge blow to the Nation should it be found true.

Notably, the threat actors surmised that the Mongo node they compromised was part of Indonesia’s recent one-stop initiative, which is aimed at the financial industry and bureaucratic structure reform.

Surprisingly, the initiative oddly comprised a compilation of international criminals and leading political individuals’ profiles.

Nonetheless, the threat actors provide evidence of this successive attack on the Indonesian government information center. They provided a link to download the data in with more than 22 possible downloadable files.

Understanding ThreatSec Attacking Principles

In an interview with Cybertechwiz, Threatsec’s founder Wiz explained that they are built differently from other hacktivists. while most groups target anything that brings monetary benefit, the threat actors under consideration carefully pick their victims with no such intention.

The hacker emphasized they aim to avoid hurting at random and are just trying to set an example for everyone to better themselves and be a free person.

Speaking on collaborating with other hacktivists, Wiz said his team works with groups that share the same sentiment. He listed GhostSec and several other groups like SiegedSec and KromSec as some of their top collaborators.

ThreatSec, has repeatedly made its presence known through attacks on many top countries’ infrastructures. They once emphasized that they mostly go after corrupt governments or organizations.

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