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Trust Wallet Alert Crypto-lites Of Zero-day Exploits Targeting iOS Users

Trust Wallet sends an alerting announcement on its official X account that iOS users must guard against a zero-day exploit targeting iMessage on the Dark Web. Sources claimed that some actors are selling a vulnerability on the Dark web, which could allow hackers control users’ iPhones without any need for them to click on any links.

According to the announcement they relayed the news after verifying it from a credible source. Furthermore, this loophole could enable remote access to IOS devices without users clicking any links. However, the attack likely targets high-value targets with each use raising detection risks.

Notably, Zero-day exploit is a type of cyberattack that takes advantage of a security vulnerability in software or hardware that the manufacturers have not identified or addressed yet.

Trust Wallet has warned that all crypto wallets stored on iPhones with iMessage activated could be vulnerable to such an exploit. The firm’s CEO, Eowyn Chen shared a screenshot that reportedly reveals an actor selling a potential zero-day exploit for $2 million on the Dark Web.

Trust Wallet Responds to Questions

Trust Wallet recommends action to guard against this iMessage exploit,” disable iMessage ASAP until Apple patches this. Navigate to Settings -> Messages -> toggle iMessage off. Maintain this precaution until Apple issues a security patch. Your security is our priority” it says.

A user raises concerns about the wallet security in hopes of getting more details from officials to clarify if this alert concerns only Trust wallet users or the global crypto world.

The firm subsequently issued a statement, “This is an issue with iMessage. And about the link above, we covered this in a statement already as this was misleading information published by a different crypto news outlet”.

Trust Wallet has stated that their security team and partners continuously monitor and assess threats. Recently, Apple released emergency security updates to address two zero-day vulnerabilities that were exploited in attacks on iPhones last month. Moreover, security researchers at Kaspersky have previously highlighted iMessage as a target for hackers.

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