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Turk Hack Team Fierce Campaign Shakes Belgian Ministry Of Defense


The Turk Hack Team went on a rampage with various disrupting DDoS attacks on the Belgian Ministry of Defense’s official website. The threat group announced and claimed the attack on the Ministry and proceeded to proclaim its continual fierce attack on the country’s critical infrastructure.

In recent days, the threat actors have repeatedly penetrated many companies’ and countries’ critical infrastructure by pilfering and seizing control of the cyber security database.

A Great Cyber Attacking Campaign

Shortly after the attack on Belgium’s Ministry of Defense website, the fierce hacking dominator again revealed it had successfully attacked 663 websites in a joint global campaign.

Furthermore, the hacking group highlights that beyond the 663 websites compromised worldwide the attack also included breaches on some of the country’s special websites and successfully drained some critical data.

According to the source, certain information about the dumped websites has been shared with the general public and the important data line exceeds a whopping 4 million. Arguably, the group’s continual success on top agencies and corporations is a great threat to many corporations with weak cybersecurity protections.

Turk Hack Visited Crédit Agricole Group Cybersecurity

The Turk Hack Team revisited France to continue its ongoing onslaught on the country’s cyber infrastructure in one of its most recent attack campaigns. The hacking group shared on its official Telegram page that it had disrupted and crippled some of the critical French Agricultural Credit Bank infrastructures known as Crédit Agricole Group.

Notably, the French International Banking Group is the world’s largest cooperative financial institution. It is the second largest bank in France, after BNP Paribas, as well as the third largest in Europe and tenth largest in the world.

Furthermore, the statement highlights customers’ distaste and lays out countless complaints about poor service and delays. Moreover, the attackers go on to mock ‘the weak and vulnerable cyber security system of the cooperation.

Following the cyber attack, details on the agricultural credit banks, mobile applications and online and banking systems, including the website were all crushed.