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UAE Aviation Corporation Suffered Cyberattack From Anonymous Sudan


In today’s announcement, Anonymous Sudan, a leading cyber hacking organization, announced its attack on the United Arab Emirates aviation corporation. On its official Telegram page, the threat actors claimed the cyberattack on the digital infrastructure of the aviation group, FlyDubai. 

According to sources, the government of Dubai established the airline. Although Flydubai is not part of The Emirates Group, Emirates supported Flydubai during the initial establishing phase. The airline has intermittently or continuously allied with American aircraft manufacturer Boeing.

Depth Of The Cyber Disruption?

The threat actors claimed to have hit the critical digital infrastructures of the airline corporation. The announcement confirmed that the network of the airline has been completely disrupted.

Additionally, the group revealed its motives behind the attack with an accompanying statement. Anonymous Sudan alleges that the assault is a direct response to UAE’s support of the genocidal rapid support of forces in Sudan.

At the time of writing, it was confirmed that the reservation, booking system, and other critical operational systems had been inactive for some time.

Furthermore, according to sources, the disrupting attack lasted more than 2 hours while all major operating systems were down including the App. The threat actors have boldly stated a continual rain of attacks on the airline and vow to hold down their networks as long as possible.

Anonymous Sudan Strikes Israel’s Telecommunications Giant

Anonymous Sudan has claimed responsibility for a devastating cyberattack on Pelephone Communications Ltd, one of Israel’s largest mobile network operators and telecommunications companies. Pelephone, a cornerstone of Israel’s telecommunications sector, has fallen victim to a sophisticated cyber assault that left the majority of its digital infrastructure offline.

However, the attackers boldly assert that they have practically crippled the core systems of Pelephone, hinting at undisclosed consequences that could be even more severe. The group issues a stern warning that such attacks will persist as long as the alleged atrocities continue.