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The US Navy Fifth Fleet Loses Data to Hackers in a Recent Cyberattack


Bahrain-based hackers breached the systems of the US Navy Fifth Fleet, accessing confidential documents.

On Sunday, the hacking collective known as al-Toufan (Flood) team executed an operation targeting the US Fifth Fleet stationed in Bahrain, which they believe posed a threat to maritime navigation in the West Asia region.

The group claimed that they acquired data containing images and maps from within the American military base in Bahrain.

Why the US Navy Fifth Fleet?

Releasing a portion of the documents, the group stated, “Our collection surpasses what has been revealed, and it will be delivered to those who support and stand by the operations of the Axis of Resistance against the American Axis of Evil.”

In their words, they said the attack was for “the brave and honorable resistance fighters in Palestine, Lebanon, Yemen, and Iraq, as well as the righteous martyrs on the path to Jerusalem (al-Quds).”

Some Iranian news outlets claimed that tensions in West Asia have escalated due to the United States’ backing of Israel’s aggressive campaign against the Gaza Strip, resulting in the deaths of over 28,176 Palestinians, predominantly women and children, and causing injuries to 67,784 others since October 7.

In retaliation, resistance groups have initiated attacks on bases hosting US military personnel in Iraq and Syria.

Additionally, Yemeni armed forces have launched a maritime campaign in support of Palestine, targeting ships bound for Israel or affiliated with it, across the southern Red Sea, the Bab al-Mandeb Strait, the Gulf of Aden, and extending to the Arabian Sea.

In response, the US has carried out airstrikes in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. Bahrain stands as the sole Arab nation supporting the US-led aerial assaults on Yemen.

Nonetheless, the US is also open to cyberattacks as an offensive measure. On February 1, President Joe Biden was reportedly considering a prolonged bombing campaign in the Middle East as a response to a drone attack that resulted in the deaths of three U.S. soldiers in Jordan. The strikes may also involve cyberattacks on critical Iranian targets initiated by the United States.