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Vitalik Buterin Pick Linux Over Microsoft OS, Advises Other to


Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, expressed his belief that the open-source operating system (OS) Linux could address Elon Musk’s issues with Microsoft Windows OS.

Buterin extended an invitation to Musk to join the desktop Linux community, following Musk’s complaint about being unable to install Microsoft’s Windows OS on his newly purchased computer without a Microsoft account. Several individuals on X praised his advocacy of open-source software, while others acknowledged that Linux has its own set of drawbacks.

Linux, like Windows, iOS, and macOS, serves as an OS, but it distinguishes itself by being open-source. Initially introduced in September 1991, Linux has garnered a dedicated user base over time. Notably, the popular mobile OS Android operates on the Linux OS foundation.

Open-source software allows programmers access to its source code, enabling them to review, modify, and enhance it. By making a program’s source code available, developers can introduce new functionalities or rectify problematic segments.

Why Linux?

Given Buterin’s staunch advocacy for open-source principles, his recommendation did not surprise many. While many users on X commended Buterin for championing open-source software, some cautioned that Linux might not be the most suitable choice for Musk, especially if gaming is his primary use for the PC.

On February 26, Musk voiced his frustration on X, stating that he was unable to utilize his laptop with Windows OS without a Microsoft account. He noted that previously, there was an option to bypass signing in or creating a Microsoft account.

Several X users pointed out that it was still feasible to utilize Windows OS without a Microsoft account, prompting a community response appended to Musk’s post. However, Musk rebutted the community note, asserting that the option was no longer available. Another response clarified that the option still exists but requires more intricate workarounds than in Windows 10, which may not be readily apparent to the average user.

X users outlined the complex workaround process in their comments to assist Musk, although the Tesla CEO expressed dissatisfaction with the complexity of the process, believing it should be more straightforward.