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Air Europa hit by a Cyberattack, Urges Customers to Cancel Cards


Air Europa fell victim to a cyberattack that resulted in cybercriminals stealing financial data from certain clients without authorization.

Recently, Air Europa experienced a cyberattack that led to the unlawful acquisition of sensitive banking information from specific clients. The airline officially confirmed this breach through email notifications sent to affected individuals.

Air Europa Alerts Customers

The compromised data includes card numbers, expiration dates, and CCV codes. The airliner has advised those who received these notifications to take immediate action by canceling their affected cards to mitigate potential risks.

The identity of the cybercriminal group responsible for this attack remains undisclosed, and the precise number of affected clients remains uncertain. As of now, there is no evidence indicating that the stolen data has been used for fraudulent activities.

To address this breach, Air Europa has implemented several precautionary measures. They have urged affected clients to promptly contact their respective banks to initiate the cancellation or replacement of the compromised cards. Clients should also exercise vigilance and refrain from sharing personal information via phone calls, messages, or emails, even if the communication claims to be from their banking institution.

Additionally, Air Europa advises affected clients to remain cautious when encountering suspicious links and promptly report any unauthorized card usage to the police.

Security breach blocked

The airline assures the public that their security team has effectively resolved the issue responsible for the data breach. Their swift response enabled them to close the breach and prevent any further data leaks.

It’s important to note that the cybercriminals were unable to link the stolen banking information to clients’ personal data. While this adds a layer of security, it is still advisable for affected clients to take prompt action, as some online purchases may only require card details such as the number, name, CCV, and expiration date.

Furthermore, Air Europa has confirmed that their services have returned to normal operations, allowing clients to resume making payments on their website without security concerns.