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Threatsec Exposes Indian Ministry of Education Databases


In a recent announcement, ThreatSec has once again spotlighted the vulnerability of digital systems in India. Their statement discloses that a number of high-profile websites, including two associated with the Indian Ministry of Education, have been compromised in a significant data breach.

These intrusions have laid bare sensitive personal data and other confidential information, totaling more than 64,000 files.

Indian Ministry of Education Website Among Victims

ThreatSec’s report highlights the following databases as being compromised:






The breach led to the exposure of a substantial amount of sensitive data, which includes personal information and other confidential records. While the post does not provide specifics about the exact nature of the compromised data, it is evident that the breach poses significant risks to the individuals whose information has been exposed.

ThreatSec has gone further by supplying two links that grant access to the data, thereby making it accessible to threat actors.

The ThreatSec post concludes with a concise but powerful message: “Do better.” This is not just advice; it serves as a rallying cry for the Indian cybersecurity sector. It underscores the urgency of improving security protocols, fortifying cybersecurity measures, and raising awareness about the constantly evolving cyber threats.

Threatsec Takes Shot at Russia

In August, GhostSec and ThreatSec unmercifully worked together to shut down numerous technological systems, including MOXA and Modbus, in many Russian states. They announced the exploit via their telegram posts.

After successfully disrupting the technological serial service devices with their attack, the threat actors deemed the devices as outdated and in need of replacement in a fairly contemptuous manner. Afterward, they disabled the technological ethernet equipment, saying they were giving the Russians a gift. GhostSec stated that the attack was the beginning of a future gift that would continue both privately and publicly. The last statement underscored the likelihood of more future attacks.