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Threatsec Down Internet Services Over Gaza in Response to Hamas


Threatsec announced earlier on that it launched a barrage of cyberattacks on key network providers in Gaza, affecting Hamas.

The group claimed it shut down “literally every server owned by – Quintiez Alfa General Trading, which is one of the biggest ISP in the Gaza Strip.” As a result of the latest attack, thousands of Hamas and other fighters have lost their internet connection completely.

Speaking on the latest exploits, Threatsec maintained that its original goal was just to get a hold of some infrastructure. However, they gained full control of the IP routing of over 5,000 servers in the Gaza region. Due to this, they shut down everything that belongs to them.

They also stated that the attack affected all login portals, as well as the TV, also completely crumbled, and they won’t be able to get them back up for quite some time

Threatsec Explains Reason for Attack

In another post, the group that they do not side with Israel or Palestine. They chose to remain neutral since they “dislike both parties in this war.” Nonetheless, the hacktivists voiced their disdain for the small country but also voiced that it strongly opposed the ongoing war.

They added that there is a high chance they will target the Jewish nation in the coming days. In their words, they said, “Attacks against Israel are coming soon.”

Hamas Propostrous Attack

During the early hours of Saturday, the Palestinian Islamist group launched a coordinated attack on key Israeli settlements.

The death toll is on the rise at the time of writing. In retribution for one of the worst attacks in modern history, in which the Islamist group Hamas killed 700 Israelis and kidnapped dozens more, Israel bombarded the Palestinian enclave of Gaza on Sunday, killing hundreds of civilians.

After Egypt and Syria’s attacks during the Yom Kippur War fifty years ago, Hamas rebels’ rampage across Israeli villages on Saturday was the deadliest such incursion. It has threatened to start another inferno in the never-ending struggle.