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Israeli Government Media Websites Suffer Cyberattacks Amidst Ongoing War


Israeli government websites suffered a disrupting cyberattack that kept their cyber response team on the seat. The cold weapon battles between Hamas and the Israeli Defense forces continue, and now cyber gangs have joined in the fun.

A Purposeful Targeting the Israeli Government

Hacktivists and cyber groups such as Killnet, a Russian hacking organization, are targeting various Israeli organizations following deadly attacks by Hamas militants.

Moreover, it was impossible to log in to the website from around the world on Sunday evening, and Killnet purposely took full responsibility for the attack on Telegram.

Subsequently, the group issued an official statement stating, “The Israeli government, you are responsible for this bloodshed. Back in 2022, you supported the terrorist regime in Ukraine, you betrayed Russia. Today, Killnet officially informs you of this! All government systems of Israel will be subject to our attacks.”

Furthermore, Killnet emphasized that the group is not targeting ordinary Israeli citizens – its target is the regime that “sold itself to the NATO whore, the same main terrorist, with the slogan of PEACE and DEFENSE,” in its own words.

However, the hackers disdain the atrocities that Hamas and Israel commit against civilians and find it terrible, it says, “we exclude the possibility of attacking the critical infrastructure of both sides.”

Top Hacking Groups Pick Sides

Anonymous Sudan, a hacktivist group, widely suspected to be neither anonymous nor Sudanese – but Russian, has sided with Hamas and Killnet on Telegram to join the warfare.

On Saturday, Anonymous Sudan claimed to have targeted Israel’s Iron Dome, the country’s mobile all-weather air defense system and also said it had attacked the Alert applications in Israel.

Pro-Israeli hacktivists are also active. For instance, on Sunday afternoon, the official Hamas website was taken down – allegedly by a hacker group called India Cyber Force. Other pro-Israeli gangs include SilenOne, Garuna Ops, and Team UCC Ops.