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Anonymous Sudan Dominantly Attacks Top American Websites, CNN, Only Fans And Microsoft


Anonymous Sudan, a pro-Russian hacktivist, joined forces with other top hacking organizations to attack top Western websites in a huge DDoS attack, leaving the business world stunned.

Shortly after the attack, Anonymous Sudan posted on its dark webpage the success of its attack on CNN, Only Fans, and Microsoft. Arguably, these are some of the top ten (10) website choices of Westerners.

A 30-second stunning test attack on the CNN website restricted the world’s audience from accessing the website for news updates and other business-related news on its forum.

Although it appears to be a short attack, the revealed screenshot displayed the attacking capacity of Anonymous Sudan on a large scale.

In its own words, Anonymous Sudan threatens to make a comeback attack on a longer duration attack, ‘We have an appointment with you soon’.

Anonymous Sudan Is Not Dialing Down on Western Websites Attack

OnlyFans is an internet content subscription service based in London, United Kingdom.

Furthermore, Only Fans host the work of other content creators, such as physical fitness experts and musicians. It is indeed a choice website for many individual businesses all around the world.

However, Anonymous Sudan declared its attack on Only Fans for a 1-hour duration, the purpose of the attack is unknown. On its dark webpage Anonymous Sudan strangely only reveals its attack on its website without other details.

As of the time of the attack, Cybertechwiz confirmed 334 online users have issued complaints on the Only Fans customer webpage.

Recently, Google declared restrictions on its employees as it launched a program to curb cyberattacks. However, Microsoft, a top software company, faced a furious attack from Anonymous Sudan today.

Anonymous Sudan appears to be purposely targeting Microsoft, it says, ‘Do you think we will forget you’? As revealed, in its own words On the dark web, its attack duration on Microsoft lasted 30 minutes.


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