A new Hacktivist is in Town: Threatsec Takes on a Daunting Task of Fighting World Oppression


“Freedom to Everyone.” This is Threatsec mission.

Cybertechwiz had a chat with the founder of the group who offered a little insight into his group and what they stand for. He worked us through their collaborations with other hacktivist groups and what they aim to achieve in the near future.

One of the most interesting parts of this interview was when he revealed the number of hackers in his team and where they live. Let’s dive in

About Threatsec

As per their mantra, they brand themselves as one of the many groups fighting for the oppressed. In his words, the founder, popularly as Wiz said “We’re here to fight for everyone’s freedom and rights. Everyone should have their own world to live in.”

Speaking on their target, he reiterated that they mostly go after corrupt governments. He also firmly stated that for the group, money is not the main motive. 

This was also the justification for its latest attack on Greece. It revealed on Tuesday that it had successfully compromised a Greek government website.

Branding itself as a sympathizer of the oppressed, it cited articles in which more than 90% of Greek nationals believed the authorities were corrupt.

Recognizing several constraints and limitations, Wiz said his group is only trying to the world “at least a little better.”

When asked how does is group activities put food on the tables of the poor and oppressed, he stated that although his group does not own an NGO, they go after those who are supposed to care but are not.

The founder also cited his group’s contributions to the people of Iran. During the latest uprising, the nation threatsec provided the people of Iran with a DNS IP config that allows them to freely enter and access the web again.

A New Breed of Hacktivists

The group’s founder affirmed that threatsec is different from other hacktivists. While most groups target anything that brings monetary benefit, the threat actors under consideration carefully pick their victims with no such intention.

They claim they sieve through the most recent news of every country and go after what could help the people living there most.  The hacker added that they do this to avoid hurting anyone and is “just trying to set an example for everyone to better themselves and be a free person.”

Speaking on collaborating with other hacktivists, Wiz said his team works with groups that share the same sentiment. He listed GhostSec and several other groups like SiegedSec and KromSec as some of their top collaborators.

However, he warned that “it’s not because we care about their reputation and want to carry on the name, but simply because they can help us make this world a better place.”

Wiz Reveals His Group’s Location

We asked Wiz the number of hackers in his team and where they live.

As a magician who never reveals his secrets, the group’s founder declined to reveal this sensitive information. However, he hinted that his team members are everywhere but the United States.

Speaking on why “everywhere but the U.S.” he said “the United States is a shitty place for hackers.”

Wiz also added that he and his group fear no government as what they do is not wrong. In his words, he said “fear is just for the weak” and Threatsec is not weak.

He also spoke about the pattern of their attacks. The hacker said his team has no special signature attack. They go after vulnerabilities like XSS, XML, XXE, and SQL. Attacks like ransomware and social engineering are also on the table.

In conclusion, Wiz stated that Threatsec will never go after healthcare facilities as he deemed this “crossing the line.”