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Google Launch A Program To Restrict Employees Access To Internet To Curb Cyberattacks


Google launched a program to make its employees’ computers safe from potential cyber threats, by cutting off internet access for some employees.

One of the firm’s representatives said the tech giant will revoke its employees’ internet access to protect them from potential cyberattacks.

In this program, some employees will use desktop computers without internet access. This means they will have restricted access to online services while using their computers.

The tech giant selected over 2,500 employees to participate in the program. They will still be able to use internal tools and Google-owned websites like Google Drive and Gmail.

Google Test Program Makes Changes

After getting feedback, google made some changes. Now, employees can choose to be part of the program or not. They can also volunteer to join if they are interested.

Furthermore, some employees will also have restrictions on what they can do on their computers, such as administrative privileges, like running special commands or installing software.

Google says threat actors often target its employees, and if they successfully breach employees’ computers, they might gain access to important data, and disrupt operations.

Recently, Microsoft revealed that Chinese hackers had breached the email accounts of government agencies in the US and Europe.

Moreover, Google wants to heighten its security measures, especially as it prepares to introduce new artificial intelligence tools. The firm is also working on preventing leaks of sensitive Data.

A spokesperson from Google stressed that the safety of their products and users is a high priority. They regularly look for ways to better their internal systems and safeguard against malicious attacks.

Google’s goal is to protect its employees and user data from potential threats. The firm is making it optional for employees to participate and is taking steps to ensure workers who require internet access for their tasks can still have it.