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Euro Bet Casino Faces Security Breach, 459,000 Records Go on Sale


In a shocking turn of events, Euro Bet Casino has recently been targeted in a security breach that exposed sensitive user information.

Euro Bet Casino Loses Key Records

Due to the breach, a huge number of users lost their personal information. Some of this information included customers’ ages, names, residential addresses, currencies, email addresses, and login activities. Additionally, these users lost access to their accounts as the hacker gained unauthorized access to them, leaking their chat logs with administrators of the firm.

In summary, Euro bet lost 459,000 records. In addition to the stated records, the company also lost the users’ login credentials.

The Records Go on Sale

Perhaps the most alarming aspect of this breach is that the hackers are openly offering this stolen data for sale at the asking price of $5,500. This puts the personal information of Euro Bets Casino users at risk of misuse, identity theft, and other malicious activities.

At the time of writing, Euro Bets Casino has not issued an official statement regarding the security breach. Users are advised to monitor the casino’s website and official channels for updates and guidance on how to protect themselves in the wake of this breach.

GhostSec has shed light on this alarming situation, revealing that they were able to access a vast database containing 459,000 records. Additionally, the post from the group suggests that there have been complaints about the casino’s operations and player experience. This could be the possible motivation for the attack.

Previous Ghostsec Exploits

Last month, the group attacked the Moscow Exchange. They identified a gap in the Exchange’s internet security and exploited it. This effectively gave them access to some secret digital riches because it permitted them to break into one of the Exchange’s servers. Their success is almost like a plot from an exciting movie, which is the interesting part.