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Russia Hunted By Unforgiving Hactivists ThreatSec And GhostSec


According to a telegram post, GhostSec and ThreatSec unforgivingly collaborated to shut down many technological services like MOXA and Modbus in many Russian states.

In a rather sarcastic way, the threat actors declared the devices to be old and in need of newer ones after their success in causing disruption with their attack on the technological serial service devices.

Ghostsec Gifts Russia

The threat actors’ attack crippled the technological ethernet device and offered it as a gift to the Russians. In its statement, GhostSec said the attack was the start of a private and public future gift.

Additionally, GhostSec emphasizes that its collaboration is driven by actions beneath its bottom line, and it will attempt to change the world and unite the world in its combat against terrorism and violent extremism.

Notably, enabling Ethernet-based remote access and monitoring systems is a growing trend. Moreover, aside from local underdeveloped countries, the significance of this remote access and monitoring systems transition is clear.

An Ethical Dilemma

GhostSec has self-proclaimed itself as a vigilante hacker, it has taken it upon itself to wage a cyber crusade against extremist content and internet and hospital exploiters, In its words, it’s against their bottom line.

However, some of their methods raise popular ethical opinions. some argued that their vigilantism hashes the diving line between cyber activism and cybercrime, taking laws into their own hands.

Moreover, the use of DDoS attacks and hacking into private servers and even combating terrorism can intrude on the principle of privacy and freedom.

Nonetheless, a similar action from Threatsec leaves many to wonder about the real agender. Recently, the group made a bold claim to have captured sensitive data in their breach of the government center in Indonesia.

Moreover, the data includes high-level criminal pieces of information that the Indonesian government is keeping on a domestic and international level.

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